Sony KD-55XF9005

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Краткие характеристики:

  • ЖК-телевизор
  • LED
  • 54.6"
  • 3840x2160
  • 4K UHD
  • HDR
  • DVR
  • 3 TV-тюнера
  • мощность звука 20 ВтHDMI x4
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Smart TV

Предложение дня:

84999 р.
Доставка: в Москву — 800 руб.
Гарантия: нет данных

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Zub Vlad

Эксперт 8 уровня

  • + Отличная картинка с HDR контентом! Очень неплохая картинка при просмотре телевизионных программ даже на каналах с качеством SD, не говоря об HD каналах. Телевидение цифровое. Локальное затемнение дает хороший черный цвет.
  • - Потоковое видео через торрент клиент тормозит жутко, пробовал mkv 50 Гб 4kHDR, 20 Гб 1080p HDR, ну а меньшие файлы смысла нет проигрывать на этом телеке, можно было бы тогда покупать телевизор в 2 раза дешевле. Но с внешнего жесткого диска все смотрит отлично встроенный плеер. Еще один недостаток, что содержимое жесткого диска... Подробнее на Яндекс.Маркете
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Эксперт 11 уровня

  • Excellent performing mid-range TV from Sony
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  • I replaced my XD9305 with this XF9005 after the former developer a problem with the backlight. This is an interesting model and is one that is actually tasked with effectively taking over from the XE9005 and the XE9305 combined. Sony’s model numbers seem confusing initially, but in a nutshell, the letters indicate the vintage (XC are the 2014/15 models, XD are the 2015/16 models, XE are the 2016/17 models and XF are the 2017/18 models). The numbers indicate the range, so in the mainstream there are 70xx 75xx 80xx 85xx 90xx 93/94xx in that order (plus various others at the top and bottom, including the ZD9 which being a ‘D’ model is actually a few years old but continues to be considered one of Sony’s top models. Then there are the OLED models (A1 and AF8). So much as though the XD93xx was succeed by the XE93xx, and the XE90xx slotted in underneath with cut-down performance, when it came to 2017/2018 it appears Sony has not produced a new 93/94 model, instead tasking the XF90 with replacing not just XE90 but also the XE93/94. It’s done this by inheriting the X1 Extreme processor from the 93/94 models, more brightness output than the XE90, and new ‘X-Motion Clarity’ feature that none of its forebears had. It doesn’t have quite the style je-ne-se-quoi of the 93/94 models, but it does gain on a couple of other fronts… For starters, it has dropped the power brick. Yes, it’s just the power lead itself now, so less bulk to find a home for round the back of your AV unit. It also manages to weigh less than my old set by a good few kilos. It doesn’t have the natty removable panels from the back that the 93/94 models of old had, but as I only use one single HDMI to connect to an AV receiver that’s not a major issue for me. The feet are a bit of a contentious issue. I must admit I prefer a central foot like the older models. I would have liked them to have gone the way of the AF8 with its understated flat profile central support. The apparent reason for going for splayed feet was to fit the new 2018 sound bars. The feet are a sort of aluminium colour so they don’t blend into the background, but at least they aren’t polished chrome. I don’t hate them. The remote control has changed to one with actual buttons instead of the smooth one from the last couple of years. This is a good thing, although the underside of the remote is now smooth instead of textured, which is a shame, and still no glow-in-the-dark or illuminated controls. No big deal. Running the TV itself, Android TV is present and accounted for. It seems to run fairly swiftly on this set compared to my old XD93 - possibly helped by the faster processors inside. I don’t tend to run YouView or Samba interactive services on this set, so that can also help keep things running faster. It’s no Samsung Tizen or LG WebOS when it comes to interface speed, but it’s not that bad. The update that enables Dolby Vision is in place after an initial update triggered after it connected to the internet. There should be a further update to Android 8 at some point in 2018 which aims to revise the interface. Viewing the TV is a great experience. There is a great natural colour fidelity to this set (I tend to use the ‘Warm’ colour preset) and each of the inputs and modes can retain their own set of preferences. I tend to view mostly in a darker environment so I appreciate the really good black levels. There are 45 local dimming zones, which is an improvement over my last set, although not as many as the XE93. In reality you don’t notice the zones illuminating much except for in dark scenes where there is a bright element, such as white subtitles on a black intro sequence, in which case you get inevitable ‘blooming’, but it’s not too pronounced, at least not at the settings I have it. One of the stand-out features that this set has over others is what Sony are calling ‘X-Motion Clarity’, which is a way of compensating for the darkening effect of some of the judder-reduction technology. Usually when you enable some of the ‘preferred’ settings on TVs to improve picture judder, you usually have to sacrifice some picture brightness as it is inserting frames of black to account for the judder. This new technology’s sole purpose is to counter that darkening effect and so far I have to say that with Motion set to Custom (Smoothing level 2, Clearness level 1) I find that it doesn’t darken as much as my old set would. Kudos to Sony. All-in-all this is an excellent set that offers all the features I need in a TV, it’s well made, has lots of functions. The picture quality is really good, and the set is bright enough to make HDR worth watching. The local dimming is effective meaning that once set up right it can product deep blacks and bright highlights without too much blooming. The interface is still a little sluggish but I don’t hold that against it. Whilst it doesn't have quite the build and detailing nor the brightness punch of the XE93, it easily surpasses the older XD9

иванов анатолий

Эксперт 11 уровня

  • + Очень хорошее изображение. Глубокий черный цвет, хотя рекламируют другие телевизоры. Натуральные цвета. Звук для квартиры с тонкими перегородками нормальный. Хорошо обрабатывает изображение. Кого интересует, DVD диски можно смотреть практически без потери качества. Также можно смотреть фильмы... Подробнее на Яндекс.Маркете
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